At the start of the last century, mister Jansen from Breda started an international wholesale business in fruit & vegetables. He supplied fresh fruit and fruit pulp to several companies, the most notable being HERO, from Switserland. HERO found in mister Jansen a suitable representative to found N.V. Hero preserved goods in Breda. This factory has gained the nicname ‘The Jam’ in Breda. It is still present at the Teteringsedijk. It used to produce jams which were sold throughout the Netherlands. After some time, the assortment was expanded with the wellknown ‘Perl’ limonades and other preserved goods.

Guus, the oldest son of Mr. Jansen beacme part of the management of HERO in this period. In 1927 hist father built him and his young Swiss wife a stylish villa on factory ground; the villa with the ship.
Older inhabitants of Breda remember that the marriage was arranged. Some whisper that his true love was an ordinary Dutch lady from either a family in the shipping industry, or with a family name that was related to the shipping industry. When Guus and his young bride wanted to have a weather vane made for their new house, they chose a ship. According to some, this refers to the Dutch expression for getting married: ‘to embark on the wedding boat’. Others believed that only Guus chose the ship, to remember his forbidden love.

Whatever the true intentions were, it is and will continue to be a beautiful and unique weather vane, known in the region and beyond. Orginally, the ship was forged out of copper and covered with a layer of gold leaf.

In the Second World War however, the ship was hastily painted white to throw the Germans, who were confiscating copper everywhere, of its scent. Successfully, for the ship remained intact and untouched.
Guus and his wife produced for children and occupied the villa for a couple of decades. Shortly after the changing of centuries, the last heir died and the villa went up for sale.
It remained empty and unsold for quite some time, until a young couple from Breda expressed an interest. Daniel and Frank Koeman love stately buildings with character and saw potential in Het Scheepshuys, even though it maintenance was a couple of decades overdue. After one and a half years of thorough repairs and renovation, the villa was reborn to become a small but homely hotel with countless authentic elements. A unique addition to the existing hotel offerings in Breda. Until 2016, Franka Koeman ran the hotel with inspiration and joy. In 2017, ownership was transferred to your host – Suzanne Kranse.
After a thorough renovation and restyle, the hotel has been reopened in april 2017. The beautiful combination of old and new elements transforms the building to the cosy, homely and boutique hotel it is today. A personal approach, hospitality and good service are key for Het Scheepshuys. The interesting history of the accomodation enhances the unique and intimite atmosphere. A wonderful haven to get ‘home’ to after a day’s or week’s hard work.