The characteristic villa of Het Scheepshuys, houses three intimate meeting rooms suitable for 4 to 10 people. You will feel comfortable in our homely and personal ambience to brainstorm with colleagues or to follow a training course. The small-scale ambient rooms are ideal for management teams or project groups.
A lively coffee bar where business people from across Breda meet. Plus, with the A27 and A58 motorways at a stone’s throw and free parking, Het Scheepshuys is the ideal place for a business meeting in Breda. Apart from great coffee, we also serve delicious tea and other delicacies, in order to combine the useful with the pleasant.
Boutique Hotel Het Scheepshuys is the ideal location if you are looking for a multi day meeting venue with the possibility of staying overnight. A peaceful environment, within close proximity to the bustling city centre of Breda. Our 9 unique hotel rooms and 3 intimate meeting spaces offer all the facilities you need for a successful multi day event.
Apart from our excellent coffee and delicious lunch, we provide a comfortable space, where you can work with complete concentration. Our lively coffee bar invites you to make social contacts and discover new creativity. Professionals, commuters or residents of Breda – everyone is welcome to come and work in a different environment. And of course, if available, you can also do so in our intimate meeting rooms.